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If you used the japanese bank its not a european transfer, but an international wire, and intermediate banks took their share on those fees. I often say "with international wire, expect to loose 2-8% on random intermediate bank fees", sorry to tell y
There's a few things going on here: Saying that there are 9000 unconfirmed transactions is not a particularly good fit for how node memory pools work. Not all pools contain the same transactions, not all nodes have the same rules for what an acceptab
You can find out the average transaction fees gathered per block here. You can see that it's been slowly increasing recently, and there tends to be a block every year or so that skews the average quite a bit. But we can confidently say that currently
The developers of Multibit have explicitly disabled such a feature to change the transaction fee, citing concerns that having little or very low transaction fees would result in the transaction taking too long to process (which is going to be unbeara
So my service is skimming a tiny 0,001% (1/1,000) fee off every payment that gets through it. Most of the transactions are actually micro-payments so there are thousands of tiny unspent outputs accumulating in the service's wallet. I'm worried now th
Does one have to manually confirm a transaction? Or do you preset it somehow to confirm only x transactions with y fees, etc? No, it's not manual. To be confirmed, the transaction must be included with the signed block when it's broadcast to the netw
Determining the fee of a transaction is actually very easy. As you know, a transaction has inputs and outputs, where each output has an associated amount and a script, and each input is a link to an output of a previous transaction, along with whatev
Currently no. Any "required fees" are enforced only by the client not the network or protocol. It is up to each individual miners which transactions to include in a block
How to do #1? i. e. How to calculate the size of the transaction (in bytes) + transaction fee in advance? You can use the recently-introduced fundrawtransaction RPC: First create a transaction with just the outputs you want but no inputs, using creat