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Please see our Article on Basic terminology which you may want to read for a more in-depth understanding of Bitcoins, Blockchain Technology, Miners and more. For now, we will keep this simple. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the largest digital currency
Payments and cancellations | FAQ Updated on November 10, 2014 Payments and fees How can I pay for my purchase? How you may pay for a Kitco purchase depends both on your country of residence (or the country in which your principal place of business is
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by Balaji S. Srinivasan (@balajis), Veerbhan Kheterpal (@veerbhan), and Christian Papauschek (@papauschek) To send a Bitcoin transaction you typically need to include a transaction fee. In general, the larger the fee, the more quickly the transaction
Most of my initially received bitcoins were from faucets and therefore, these micro amounts ended up being dust transactions. Since then, I've bought some bitcoins which are not dust. Now I'm trying to send 0
Assuming all the inputs you are spending are from regular "pay to address" transactions, each input will contribute 180 (plus or minus 1) bytes to the transaction. Each output adds 34 bytes to the transaction. And there's a fixed extra 10 bytes which
Is there a way to sweep an entire wallet. dat into one address? trying it the old fashioned way (sending the coins) is giving me "transaction create failed" -. - I'm guessing it would be all the single satoshi inputs adding up right now i have a litt
One of the biggest issues today in Bitcoin is the fact that you can’t buy it very easily. Even though Paypal has been very favourable of Bitcoin in the past 2 years, it’s still an issue to find credible places to buy Bitcoins with Paypal in 2016. Why
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