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Premise: I'm quite new to all this bitcoin thing. After experiencing some problem with a bitcoin transaction, I made few attempts with small quantities (0,0001). In particular, I've sent 0,0001 to each of three different addresses
Sequence numbers aren't shown on the Bitcoin Block Explorer HTML pages because they are not used by the network currently. Non-default sequence numbers would be shown on raw block/tx pages, but I'm not sure whether this has ever happened. Sequence nu
According to the docs, Blockchain. info provides a websocket API that streams a few things: All unconfirmed transactions using "op: unconfirmed_sub" New blocks & the data they contain using "op: blocks_sub" All new tx that are detected at a subsc
I am trying to create a transaction on the bitcoin testnet, using bitcore: Error Message : SyntaxError: JSON. parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data Here is my code: var transaction = new bitcore. Transaction()
Hello Mary, We solved this as follows 1) one person holds a main working copy of project (with main back-up held in separate location) 2) on regular basis,everyone places copy or back-up of own project into archive 3) directly after back-up, all othe
Debit card transactions that appear as ‘processing’ are authorizations that are on hold and waiting to be confirmed. Items that have been confirmed and settled are displayed with the status of “completed”, or “canceled”. Just as any other debit card,
In satoshi client, the "accounts" therein are only a convenience for labeling of receiving addresses. They don't matter for sending at all. If you receive bitcoins, the balance is not added as in bank, but the amount is saved as "unspent output"
There is a ton of bitcoin information, but it's hard to find up to date best practices for making webapps. I am very comfortable making secure webapps, and I'd like to start some bitcoin related webapps, and using a merchant solution like bitpay is n
I am building a Bitcoin IPN to poll bitcoind every 5 minutes, find new payments with at least 1 confirm, and notify a server. It looks like I am going to have to load them all up with 'listtransactions' every time and parse out new ones. Inelegant, b