Questions on: unconfirmed-transactions

Yes be more patient. In the future you can use this app or others like it to determine an appropriate fee for faster confirmation: https://bitcoinfees. 21
The latest versions of our wallet now use a dynamic fee structure (which you can read about here) to determine appropriate fees for your transactions, so some of the information in this post no longer applies. If you have a pending transaction that i
They didn't fix malleability, it is still possible for transactions to be modified. They reduced the odds of modified transactions being accepted into the block chain. Most of the changes in 0
-zapwallettxes removes all wallet transactions that are not in the blockchain. It can remove "stuck" transactions, although you don't need this feature in normal operations mode. Solution A) On Windows, you need to start the command line prompt (cmd
There's a few things going on here: Saying that there are 9000 unconfirmed transactions is not a particularly good fit for how node memory pools work. Not all pools contain the same transactions, not all nodes have the same rules for what an acceptab
when we speak about specific transaction: no. The unconfirmed transaction looks exactly the same as the same transaction with 1,2.
I tried to manually broadcast the raw transaction on blockchain I read Coinbase blog post that they had slow confirms in February. .
There are several approaches, none of them are bullet-proof. Also, I'm not aware of any wallets supporting any of the approaches except "wait it out". 0) Wait it out
A merchant can lessen the risk of being defrauded in a race attack (on 0/unconfirmed) by: Using an explicit list of peers to connect to (with most of the known IP addresses of miners) Not allowing incoming connections (turn off uPnP) this still leave
There's a sort of hatred against satoshi dice lately. The feeling is that satoshi dice clogs up the transaction record with lots of small transactions. Some of the bigger mining pools have started to refuse the transactions