USD conversion rate API

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For posterity here they are along with other possible answers:

Yahoo finance API

This CSV is being used by a jQuery plugin called Curry. Might be useful if you need more than just a CSV.

(thanks to Keyo) Yahoo Query Language lets you get a whole bunch of currencies at once in XML or JSON. The data updates by the second (whereas the European Central Bank has day old data), and stops in the weekend. Doesn't require any kind of sign up. * from where pair in ("USDEUR", "USDJPY", "USDBGN", "USDCZK", "USDDKK", "USDGBP", "USDHUF", "USDLTL", "USDLVL", "USDPLN", "USDRON", "USDSEK", "USDCHF", "USDNOK", "USDHRK", "USDRUB", "USDTRY", "USDAUD", "USDBRL", "USDCAD", "USDCNY", "USDHKD", "USDIDR", "USDILS", "USDINR", "USDKRW", "USDMXN", "USDMYR", "USDNZD", "USDPHP", "USDSGD",...

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How does API integration work?

It's simple and effortless. Our API outputs foreign exchange rates in several different data formats – JSON, XML & CSV – and are understood by the majority of ERP, accounting and finance packages, including Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, NetSuite, SAP, Agresso, and Microsoft Dynamics.

What is an API key and where can I find it?

An API key is a unique credential that allows you to query OANDA Rates through http/ERP. Please sign into the

Self-Service area

and you will see it on the main page of your account.

Do you have any partners who can help us integrate OANDA Exchange Rates Data into our ERP system?

Yes! To help our customers integrate our FX rates seamlessly, OANDA partners with many of the major ERP systems including Oracle, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. For more information, please contact our FX integration specialists at

We are here to help! Our FX Specialists are...

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We want to get live(Real time) conversion rate for various currencies is it possible to get the conversion rate from DSS API just by passing the ISO currency code ( something like for example using "Currency Code" and "Base Currency Code" to get USD to JPY and JPY to USD conversion rate) or the identifier(IdentifierType, Identifier) is the mandatory input param that needs to be added to the instrument list to get the conversion rate for each currency. If identifier is the mandatory input param which identifier we need to use to get the latest live conversion rate for specific currency For example: To get USD to JPY currency conversion which one of the following identifier we should use(there are more than 40 identifiers to choose from) JPY=, JPY=E, JPY=A.Similarly which one to use for JPY to USD conversion JPYUSD=R, JPYUSD=X While sending request for some of the currencies conversions(like JPY,INR To USD) the MidPrice response doesn't reflect the exact conversion...
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How To Use ExchangeRate-API

We use ISO 4217 Three Letter Currency Codes - e.g. USD for US Dollars, EUR for Euro etc. Here's the list of currency codes we support exchange rates for. Just substitute USD in the request below with the currency code you want data for and make a GET request.

This will return the exchange rates from USD to all other currencies we support:

{ "result": "success", "from": "USD", "rates": { "AUD": 1.32230, "BGN": 1.8096, "BRL": 3.11, "...": 1.31135, "...": 7.473, etc. etc. } }

Error Responses

{ "result": "failed", "error": "unknown-code" }

Where "error" can be any of the following:

"unknown-code" if we don't support the supplied currency code (see supported currencies...) "invalid-key" for a key that isn't active or doesn't exist (get a key here...) "malformed-request" for cases where some part of your request doesn't follow the structure above "quota-reached" for...
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The API URL{from}&to={to}&amount={amount}

The Server Response

Code Examples

// NOTE: Sample code uses jQuery to handle jsonp var access_key = 'YOUR_ACCESS_KEY'; var from = 'USD'; var to = 'EUR'; var amount = '1'; $.ajax({ url: ''+access_key+'&from='+from+'&to='+to+'&amount='+amount, dataType: "jsonp", success: function(response) { if (response.success) { alert('1 USD is worth ' + parseFloat(response.rate).toFixed(2) + ' EUR'); } } }); $access_key = 'YOUR_ACCESS_KEY'; $from = 'USD'; $to = 'EUR'; $amount = 1; $url = ''.$access_key.'&from='.$from.'&to='.$to.'&amount='.$amount; $result = file_get_contents($url); $result = json_decode($result); if ($result->success) { echo "1 USD is ".$from." $result->rate ".$to; } import urllib import json url =...
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PHP Currency Converter API

The PHP Exchange Rate API package uses data provided by the currencyLayer service API. This is an API that provides currency information which is updated every 60 minutes for the free plan and up to every 60 seconds in the premium plans.

I like getting things for free, so this article will mostly focus on what is available to us with the free plan. I will also show you how to use the free plan to perform premium features like source switching and currency conversion. At the end of the article I will briefly discuss the other premium features of Time Frame Queries and Currency Change Queries.

If you will be following along with the code using the currency class, you will need your own access key which is available by signing up at Make sure you change the $apiKey property in the currencyLayer class to your unique key.

The first thing we need to do is include the...

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This Pesetacoin and United States Dollar convertor is up to date with exchange rates from July 20, 2017.

Enter the amount to be converted in the box to the left of Pesetacoin. Use "Swap currencies" to make United States Dollar the default currency. Click on United States Dollars or Pesetacoins to convert between that currency and all other currencies.

The Pesetacoin is the currency in no countries. The United States Dollar is the currency in American Samoa (AS, ASM), British Virgin Islands (VG, VGB, BVI), El Salvador (SV, SLV), Guam (GU, GUM), Marshall Islands (MH, MHL), Micronesia (Federated States of Micronesia, FM, FSM), Northern Mariana Islands (MP, MNP), Palau (PW, PLW), Puerto Rico (PR, PRI), United States (United States of America, US, USA), Turks and Caicos Islands (TC, TCA), Virgin Islands (VI, VIR), Timor-Leste, Ecuador (EC, ECU), Johnston Island, Midway Islands, and Wake Island. The United States Dollar is also known as the American Dollar, and the US...

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