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The challenge for picking a Coin Selection Algorithm is that there are multiple goals to optimize for: PrivacyThe Coin Selection should reveal as little as possible about the user's wallet contents. Transaction FeeOne wants to minimize the current tr
Bitcoin's very different things to different people, and obviously can't be everything to everyone. A lot of people really like a subset of its properties whilst disliking others. Some aspects of bitcoin are modifiable by comunity vote, some others n
Every full Bitcoin node maintains a database of which unspent outputs are left. When verifying a transaction, all its inputs are fetched from the database. If one is missing, validation fails
You probably know that mining is the only way that Bitcoin comes into the world. You buy them, you exchange them for something else, and you earn them or even steal them. You send them per global network like mail
I run bitcoin core into testnet mode for learning/testing purpose. My client/wallet/node are fully sync, based on the "check mark" at the bottom right of the GUI-client. Via getinfo command I obtain : { "version": 120100, "protocolversion": 70012, "w
I read Contracts: Will this be possible? where part of the question related to expiring a transaction and one of the replies said that it would never be possible since it causes problems. Unfortunately the reply didn't indicate what problems it would
An unspent output is simply an output of a transaction which isn't yet an input of another transaction. To take the example from ripper234's answer (in which generated coins are immediately spendable, and we don't have to wait 100 blocks for them to
Outputs neatly solve a few problems you would encounter with a balance based system. Transactions using outputs can not be replayed cross network, multiple times, or in different situations than when they were created. In an address based system you
when we speak about specific transaction: no. The unconfirmed transaction looks exactly the same as the same transaction with 1,2.