Questions on: wallet-import

Since I don't know what wallet app on Android you're using, I'll give an answer that should work for any: If you create an account at Coinbase, you can import your private keys and then send them to an address on your Android wallet. This requires th
Response to clarified first part You're pretty close, I suspect you want something simpler like this (and then typing in the xprv you extracted from an Electrum 2. x (unencrypted) wallet file): bx hd-private --index 2 --hard | qrencode -o - | feh - I
But if I generate a privatekey on your website. You'll be able to safe both the public and the privatekey. what's the public key for anyways? The keys aren't stored on the webserver at all
I am trying to recover a few coins from a wallet on a hard drive with a corrupt filesystem. (Yeah I know backups and all, this is from a while ago and I had planned to spend the balance on this wallet) The standard bitcointools such as dbdump. py wil
Edit: 2015-Aug-01 Paper Wallet functionality has been discontinued. The rest of this post has been left for posterity. You can import paper wallets by logging in to your Coinbase account and clicking here: https://www