Questions on: wallet-security

I love Bitcoin. I love how it's elegant, functional, philosophical, and radical. Unfortunately, for folks not steeped in cypherpunk ideology and network security, bitcoins are hard to understand, hard to purchase, and hard to keep safe
It would not be wise to do this. "Brainwallet" software is completely non-standardized, there's no guarantee that any two implementations handle the encoding of characters in the same way. Addition of UTF8/UTF16 these characters is also likely to be
"Using vanitygen you might think that you would be able to find the private key for a given address. In practice, this is considered impossible. Given that the difficulty increases exponentially the longer your vanity is, so does the average time req
You actually can't update all the firmware. In particular, the portion of the firmware that implements the security logic cannot be modified, it's burned in for good. If you want to take full control over a Trezor, which would even let you load malwa
Although I am not a Perl guru, I use Perl and I can write object-oriented programs the "good old" way. Now I would like to learn Moose. I've already (so-as) chewed the basic documentation, and my first Moose and roles are already working, but I'm mil
Bitcoin is still experimental and some of the business are not using good practices. Also, banks are unclear of the regulations and may close accounts of companies rather than take the risk of maintain the account. There is also risk of regulation