Questions on: wealth-distribution

Initial distribution of the coins and the forging schedule are more serious problems than they appear at first glance. A 100% proof-of-stake currency needs at least a small part of the coins to be distributed in the beginning because these coins is t
The creator, Satoshi Nakamoto (referred to as a "he" hereafter even though it might be a woman or a group of individuals), seems to have mined many of the early Bitcoin blocks. There have been several analyses identifying blocks mined by a specific s
From what I can gather, there were a bunch of people who were able to claim auroracoins through the airdrop using SMS/Facebook based on various forums and social media outlets. In that sense the airdrop was successful. But who knows how many of the a
The deterioration of Venezuelan economic become worsen and has courted a triple-digit inflation, the food, the riots and the citizens crossing into Colombia just to purchase the basic necessities seems to favor the side of the digital currencies. The
Staying within the bounds of the current Bitcoin protocol, there is really no way to do this. As it stands now, miners get rewarded regularly for their work if they pool together, and infrequently if they mine individually. And since most would rathe
Hearing about Bitcoin is the easy part. The hard part is having the vision to understand how it's revolutionary, spending the resources to acquire it (whether other currency or electricity/compute power), taking the risk that it might not eventually