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This quick tutorial is going to show you how to clean up the duplicate elements from a List – first using plain Java, then Guava and finally a Java 8 Lambda based solution.

This article is part of the “Java – Back to Basic” series here on Baeldung.

1. Remove duplicates from a List using plain Java

Removing the duplicate elements from a List with the standard Java Collections Framework is done easily through a Set:

public void givenListContainsDuplicates_whenRemovingDuplicatesWithPlainJava_thenCorrect() { List listWithDuplicates = Lists.newArrayList(0, 1, 2, 3, 0, 0); List listWithoutDuplicates = new ArrayList(new HashSet(listWithDuplicates)); assertThat(listWithoutDuplicates, hasSize(4)); }

As you can see, the original list remains unchanged.

2. Remove duplicates from a List using Guava

The same can be done using Guava as well:

public void givenListContainsDuplicates_whenRemovingDuplicatesWithGuava_thenCorrect() { List...
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Ever got your photos uploaded twice on Flickr ? Wondering if you got photos more than once on your Flickr account ?

FlickrDupFinder let you easily find duplicate photos on your Flickr account.

How it works:
1) Login and authorize us (we just need write permissions to tag the duplicates)
2) Enter duplicate tag (defaults to 'duplicate', clever I know)
3) Click on "Find duplicate"
4) Wait while We will fetch your photos, analyze them, and show you a list of duplicate candidates.

Base on code originally developed by Christophe Maillot, source code: github.com/christophemaillot/flickrdupfinder

Having issues send me an email: support[at]flickrdupfinder.danielmorton.co

- Fixed SSL issue
- This is javascript mainly. So send screenshots of js errors to support[at]flickrdupfinder.danielmorton.co
- Added Auto Duplicate Select Feature...

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Bookmarks are both my bread and butter and also the bane of my existence. Honestly, I began collecting them in the mid 90's and still have the same file, although a steadily added-to version of it.

In the early days I backed up the file to a CD and later an external hard drive. Then Xmarks came along to save me. Now Xmarks-like ability is built right into browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

However there are two big problems with my growing 15 year old collection -- it contains duplicates and it is rife with broken links. Today I want to look at a way to solve the former and in the future we will tackle the latter.

A Firefox plugin called "Bookmark Duplicate Cleaner" is the tool I decided to use for this task. Once installed, it is accessible by clicking on the Tools menu and then Bookmark Duplicate Cleaner.

The app will immediately pop up a box that displays two columns. The left shows the duplicates that have been found and clicking one will...

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