What happens if you send Bitcoin to a Litecoin address?


A Bitcoin or Litecoin address consists of:

all base-58 encoded.

Bitcoin and Litecoin use different prefix bytes; this is why most Bitcoin addresses start with 1, while most Litecoin addresses start with L.

When you use a Bitcoin client to try to send money to an address, it should perform a number of checks on that address. One of those checks would be the prefix byte. When it notices that the address doesn't have the correct prefix byte for Bitcoin, it should barf, complaining that you have specified an invalid address. It wouldn't try to create a transaction at all.

So for practical purposes, the answer to the question is "you can't do it".

The same applies if you try to send Litecoins to a Bitcoin address - the prefix byte would not match the Litecoin client's expectation, so it would reject the address and refuse to create a transaction.

In theory, if you somehow used a broken client that did not check the prefix byte, it might actually...

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Cryptocurrency users are in full control of their funds, which also means they bear the full responsibility for sending money to the correct address. Sending funds to a wrong address can have very dire consequences. Thankfully, it is virtually impossible to send Bitcoin to a wrong block chain. However, should the transfer be accepted because it is recognized as a valid address, things can get out of hand very quickly.

Cross-blockchain Bitcoin Transactions Are Incredibly Rare

One of the main reasons why sending Bitcoin to a wrong blockchain is practically impossible is due to all wallet clients implementing a checksum to validate destination addresses. For example, if you were to paste a Litecoin address as the recipient of a Bitcoin transaction, nearly every wallet will say it is an invalid address. The chances of seeing such a transaction go through are slim to none, which is a good thing.

Some people may wonder how wallets are capable of recognizing the...

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I have exactly the same issue. It happened a few hours ago and I just logged on here to look for help.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

I guess we are both in the same boat now.

It's good that you were able to get a reply from bitfinex and they are willing to try to resolve the issue. I have not received any reply to my email from Bitfinex yet.

Per Bitfinex:

"Litecoin uses the same format for generating multisig addresses as Bitcoin (something that needs to be fixed by the Litecoin developers in my opinion). So when someone sends Litecoin to a multisig Bitcoin address (starting with a 3) the litecoin blockchain accepts it as if it is a regular Litecoin transaction. "

I actually agree with the above. If it's an issue of bitcoin multisignature addresses not being distinguished by litecoin client the way ordinary bitcoin addresses by a way of a prefix byte. Then this issue should be addressed by the litecoin developers, in order to help other users avoid these...

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Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank.

If you are new to Bitcoin, check out We Use Coins and Bitcoin.org. You can also explore the Bitcoin Wiki:

How to buy bitcoins worldwide
Buying Reddit Gold with bitcoin

Will I earn money by mining bitcoin?

Security guide for beginners - (WIP)

Community guidelines

Do not use URL shortening services: always submit the real link. Begging/asking for bitcoins is absolutely not allowed, no matter how badly you need the bitcoins. Only requests for donations to large, recognized charities are allowed, and only if there is good reason to believe that the person...
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There's nearly no way to retrieve them. Think of bitcoins as cash. If you lose a pocket full of cash on your commute home from work, it's probably gone, right?

The "nearly" comment is that if you have access to an online wallet or your cold storage wallet and you've forgotten a password there are people and applications that can try to crack your password for you.

If you lose the private keys for your wallet your bitcoin is definitely lost for good. You need your private keys to have full, irrefutable control over your bitcoin. Similar to using a fiat bank, if your fiat savings isn't in your hand you don't actually have full control over it.

Have you lost some bitcoin? If so, let's talk about what happened...maybe there is something that can be done.

Good luck to...

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This post is for users of our Legacy Wallet only. If you’re using our new wallet, please visit our support center for help with sending and receiving.

So you want to send some bitcoins for a payment, a gift, or another reason? You can do all of this from a Blockchain web wallet. There are actually three options on sending bitcoins. From easy to advanced, this tutorial will explain the basics of those three options for you, and how to send bitcoins using them.

Quick Send

Quick Send is the easiest and fastest way to send bitcoins from your Blockchain wallet. It’s as simple as entering in a Bitcoin address, the amount you want to send, and then sending the payment. Quick Send will use your default miner’s fee setting when sending bitcoins. To view/adjust this, go to your Account Settings, and click on General to view the Default Fee Policy. To use Quick Send, login to your My Wallet, and click on Send Money on the top menu, and then Quick Send to get started...

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If you’re reading this post I assume that like many others, you sent a bitcoin transaction and was kind of confused as to why it’s still listed as “unconfirmed” or “pending” after a few hours or so.

I mean Bitcoin transactions are supposed to be instant right?

In this post I want to try and explain in a very basic way how a Bitcoin transaction works and why the fee that you attach to each transaction has a crucial role in how long it will take the transaction to go through the network.

Here’s what happens when you send Bitcoins to someone

Whenever you send someone Bitcoins, the transaction goes through different computers running the Bitcoin protocol around the world that make sure the transaction is valid. Once the transaction is verified it then “waits” inside the Mempool (i.e. in some sort of a “limbo” state).

It’s basically waiting to be picked up by a Bitcoin miner and entered into a block of transaction on the Blockchain. Until it is picked...

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Last updated 2nd April 2014.

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto launched bitcoin as the world's first cryptocurrency. The code is open source, which means it can be modified by anyone and freely used for other projects. Many cryptocurrencies have launched with modified versions of this code, with varying levels of success.

Litecoin was announced in 2011 with the goal of being the 'silver' to bitcoin's 'gold'. At the time of writing, Litecoin has the highest market cap of any mined cryptocurrency, after bitcoin.

Here's our guide to show you the crucial difference between bitcoin and litecoin.

At-a-glance differences

Mining differences

Just like bitcoin, litecoin is a crytocurrency that is generated by mining. Litecoin was created in October 2011 by former Google engineer Charles Lee. The motivation behind its creation was to improve upon bitcoin. The key difference for end-users being the 2.5 minute time to generate a block, as opposed to...

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What is ExchangeMyCoins?

ExchangeMyCoins is the one thing missing from the crypto currency world - easy, fast and secure exchanges Litecoin to Bitcoin and other popular crypto currencies.

No fees

To make the exchange from Litecoin (LTC) to Bitcoin (BTC) as easy for you as possible, we will not charge any additional fees to make your LTC to BTC exchange. All expenses regarding transactions and administration are included in the Litecoin to Bitcoin exchange rate, which makes it easy for you to see how much you will receive.

No registration required to exchange Litecoin to Bitcoin

Fast and simple LTC to BTC exchanges, dont play well with complicated user registration forms, where all kinds of unneccesary information change hands - so we simply left that part out.

Total anonymity

Crypto currencies such as Litecoin and Bitcoin are all about anonymity and we are all about crypto currencies. So in the spirit of anonymity, we will not...

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Can't figure out the difference between Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Address? And what's the Bitcoin Client, please? Our article would clarify all these for you and you'll become a Digital Currency expert in no time!

What is Bitcoin Wallet?

What is Bitcoin Address?

If you want to buy bitcoins, you should create your new bitcoin address, then use it on 247exchange while making a "buy" order in the "Bitcoin Address" field. After you pay the order, we will use this address to send you bitcoins, so they will appear at your Bitcoin Client.

What is Bitcoin Client?

The original Bitcoin client is called Bitcoin Qt (Bitcoin Core). It has all necessary functions, but such client is not simple to use, because you will have to install "heavy" application to your computer which takes about 25 GB of your computer's memory. This application is logging all bitcoin transactions from the begining, that's why it needs a lot of disk space. Another...

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Who isn’t curious about Bitcoin, the virtual currency whose origin story is rife with underground marketplaces, instant millionaires, and massive scams? And the best way to learn more is to start participating yourself.

Sure, you could hit up an exchange and drop four hundred dollars or more on a single bitcoin, but you can also get in for free by mining the coins yourself. Bitcoin has become too hard for regular people to mine, but the world of bitcoin-like “altcoins” is still wide-open to hobbyist miners. Here's everything you need to know to get started mining altcoins.

What is an altcoin?

This article assumes you’ve at least heard of Bitcoin, but you might not have heard of altcoins. “Altcoin” is a catch-all term for cryptocurrencies based on the Bitcoin system, which aren’t actually Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin is open-source software, anyone with some development experience can copy it and create their own currency.

Of course, like Bitcoin, the value...

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Millions of people are using various forms of cryptocurrency these days, and this digital currency market is growing every day. Do you wonder why people are so excited about cryptocurrencies? Are you interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies? If you want to learn and invest in cryptocurrency, but don’t know where to start; then, this cryptocurrency guide is for you. This book is a simple, but extensive guide to the new form of money – cryptocurrency. For a beginner, starting cryptocurrency can be difficult because of all the diverse options and misinformation out there. Often, people wonder what cryptocurrency is, and how might it benefit our lives? In this book, everything about cryptocurrency is discussed in a simple and easy manner so that beginner like you can learn about digital currency without any trouble. The guide will help you know what exactly cryptocurrencies are, how they affect the decisions that you make and many...

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Last updated 23rd February 2015.

People have often described litecoin as silver to bitcoin's gold. It is the third largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin by market cap, with Ripple sitting in second place.

Litecoin was developed as a bitcoin alternative to address some of that cryptocurrency's perceived shortcomings. It was designed to be ‘lightweight’ and more abundant than bitcoin. In addition, it uses scrypt as its proof-of-work algorithm, which was aimed to make it impervious to ASIC mining, although several companies say they are planning to launch scrypt ASIC miners in the near future.

A total of 84 million litecoins can be produced on the network (compared with 21 million BTC), which was designed to process blocks faster than bitcoin. If you would like to know a bit more about litecoin, then read this more detailed introduction on how to get started.

Some points of note before you buy litecoin:

Litecoin became an increasing magnet for...
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Bitcoin has injected itself into a lot of conversations about the future of technology, economics, and the internet. The future of digital currencies remains a controversial topic. After reading these 10 things to know about the confusing world of digital currencies, you'll feel confident joining the conversation.

1. The difference between virtual, digital, and cryptocurrencies

Virtual currencies were developed because of trust issues with financial institutions and digital transactions. Though they aren't even considered to be "money" by everyone, virtual currencies are independent of traditional banks and could eventually pose competition for them.

First, there are three terms that are sometimes used interchangeably that we need to sort out: virtual currency, digital currency, and cryptocurrency.

Virtual currency was defined in 2012 by the European Central Bank as "a type of unregulated, digital money, which is issued and usually controlled by its...

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