What if the execution time for an alt coin script exceeds the block time?


I don't know when and how often a script is executed, but it seems to me that there would be a problem if a single script (or a sum of all scripts in a block) exceeds the time it takes to be included in a block.

Given that the trend in alt coins is to decrease the block time duration, I think this could become an issue or race condition where the TX never gets included in a block.

Considering that as the various alt coin block sizes grow ... Perhaps larger than 1mb, this risk would grow as well, given the higher quantity of transactions.

So my question is:

When are transaction scripts evaluated (or not )?

I heard that certain old TX scripts aren't validated during the initial sync to speed up the process, so perhaps there are other times that a TX isn't executed. (Perhaps it's an unknown script.)

What role does CPU load have on the network and the risk of a fork?

Perhaps only miners are only affected.... I'm unsure.

If the network running full...
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It depends a lot on the specific altcoin you're talking about. For the most part, there aren't a lot of major differences between Bitcoin and the alts. Sadly many of them exist only as the leftovers of pump-and-dump schemes intended to make their creators rich, though there are a few that are interesting in important ways.

One of the primary benefits of a thriving altcoin economy is that they often represent the testing of a theory that may eventually benefit Bitcoin itself. Many altcoins, for example, use scrypt as their mining algorithm instead of SHA256. If SHA256 is discovered to be compromised some day, having a drop-in replacement for that subsystem available would be a major boon.

You specifically mention faster confirmation times as a potential benefit, but the most often overlooked part of that statement is that transaction finality is a result of computational cost, not of time. This means that if an altcoin has one tenth the confirmation time and an equal...

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You can do this by forking the process, and then using the parent process to monitor the child process. pcntl_fork is a method that forks the process, so you have two nearly identical programs in memory running in parallel. The only difference is that in one process, the parent, pcntl_fork returns a positive integer which corresponds to the process id of the child process. And in the other process, the child, pcntl_fork returns 0.

Here's an example:

$pid = pcntl_fork(); if ($pid == 0) { // this is the child process } else { // this is the parent process, and we know the child process id is in $pid }

That's the basic structure. Next step is to add a process expiration. Your stuff will run in the child process, and the parent process will be responsible only for monitoring and timing the child process. But in order for one process (the parent) to kill another (the child), there needs to be a signal. Signals are how processes communicate, and the signal that means...

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Google Apps scripts can run for a maximum period of 4-5 minutes and you’ll get the error “Exceeded maximum execution time” if the script takes more than the allowed time to complete.

The Save Gmail Attachments and Extract Gmail Addresses scripts fetch 50 Gmail threads in a single batch and processes the messages one by one. If any particular thread is long, the overall execution time may exceed the limit and the script may throw an exception.

To prevent the error from happening, inside the loop, we can keep a track of time since the script is running and elegantly stop when it is nearing the time limit.

/* Based on https://gist.github.com/erickoledadevrel/91d3795949e158ab9830 */ function isTimeUp_(start) { var now = new Date(); return now.getTime() - start.getTime() > 300000; // 5 minutes } function myFunction() { var threads = GmailApp.getInboxThreads(0, 50); var start = new Date(); for (var t in threads) { if (isTimeUp_(start)) { ...
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Altblockchain.info – Backed by Alt Block Chain Coin [ABCC]

The problem:

Every day or almost every day new alt coins are created, and most don’t have block explorers that really show everything that’s happening on the block chain. Most don’t have market data, rich lists or node information. Another issue is wallet syncing for many alt coins.

The solution:

At altblockchain.info we are committed to getting a working block explorer for all new coins and all past coins. A list of all nodes, active and past. A downloadable bootstrap file to get old coins synced fast. Market data if it exists, and a distribution list or “rich list” for every alt coin. In addition this would give every coin a working node to make it easier to sync with any alt coins block chain.

Features of altblockchain.info

• Block Explorer

• Market Data

• Total Coin Supply

• A list of all nodes, current and past.

• Distribution list or “rich...

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I have 3 scheduled jobs all with the same problem but lets focus on script: enkr8tia_notification_step. This job is scheduled to run every 2 hours. The script is limited to querying (then processing) a set of 20 users (config defined variable). The trace has 3 console.log's inserted (i) @ start (ii) time check- calc time taken to execute query and (iii) # users selected (refer above). None of the console.logs are shown when the script times-out, script appears to not even start execution. Script provided below for reference and toggled to share with the support team. My account is enkr8ia.

var startTime = Date.now();

var config = getAppConfig(),
now = Date.now();

console.log(moment(now - config.inactivityNotificationInterval).format("YYYY-MM-DD H:mm:ss"));

var users = Collection.query(config.dbId, '_users', {
"criteria": {
"$and": [{
personId: {
"$inQuery": {
enableCommunication: true

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Obviously, the more calls a title makes per player, the more costly the title is for us to sustain. In the case of the free tier, we have few options to assist you if things go wrong, since with zero revenue for those titles, we aren't able to provide much individual resource time to them (not to mention the fact that we're contractually obligated to make sure our pro/enterprise folks are unblocked first). That's specifically why the free tier has no service level agreement or private support - the resource time that would be required.

Also, the more titles that do this, the more we would have to restrict the free tier, potentially to the point of having to remove it, if we found that there were too many titles in that tier hammering the service with requests.

So short answer - if you're hitting the limit more than rarely, you should really be checking to see why, and working to fix the...

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One of the largest sources of confusion in the question of blockchain security is the precise effect of the block time. If one blockchain has a block time of 10 minutes, and the other has an estimated block time of 17 seconds, then what exactly does that mean? What is the equivalent of six confirmations on the 10-minute blockchain on the 17-second blockchain? Is blockchain security simply a matter of time, is it a matter of blocks, or a combination of both? What security properties do more complex schemes have?

Note: this article will not go into depth on the centralization risks associated with fast block times; centralization risks are a major concern, and are the primary reason not to push block times all the way down to 1 second despite the benefits, and are discussed at much more length in this previous article; the purpose of this article is to explain why fast block times are desirable at all.

The answer in fact depends crucially on the security model that we...

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Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank.

If you are new to Bitcoin, check out We Use Coins and Bitcoin.org. You can also explore the Bitcoin Wiki:

How to buy bitcoins worldwide
Buying Reddit Gold with bitcoin

Will I earn money by mining bitcoin?

Security guide for beginners - (WIP)

Community guidelines

Do not use URL shortening services: always submit the real link. Begging/asking for bitcoins is absolutely not allowed, no matter how badly you need the bitcoins. Only requests for donations to large, recognized charities are allowed, and only if there is good reason to believe that the person...
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Apps Script services impose daily quotas and hard limitations on some features. If you exceed a quota or limitation, your script will throw an exception and terminate execution.

Current quotas

Quotas are set at different levels for users of consumer accounts (like gmail.com), Google Apps free edition (discontinued), or G Suite.

Daily quotas are refreshed at the end of a 24-hour window; the exact time of this refresh, however, varies between users.

The table below lists the daily quotas as of December 2016. You can confirm the current on the Quota Limits tab of the Apps Script Dashboard. The quotas shown below are provided solely to assist you in testing scripts. All quotas are subject to elimination, reduction, or change at any time, without notice.

Current limitations

The table below lists hard limitations as of December 2016. The limits shown below are provided solely to assist you in testing scripts. All limits are subject to...

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Timeouts after five minutes in IIS on Windows are caused by an inherited CGI Timeout value of 300 seconds. This is not a PHP problem. The fix is to add custom values for the files or directories that need longer to run.

In IIS 5.0 or 7.0 (beta as of this note), you can change this value on a fairly granular level using IIS Manager, under (roughly) YOURSITE -> Properties -> Home Directory -> Configuration (button) -> Options, but in IIS 6.0, this functionality is turned off (!), so you have to get into the Metabase.

Find the site number in Metabase Explorer (e.g., 12345678), then from CMD prompt:

[get to the scripts dir]
cd C:\Inetpub\AdminScripts

[this for each subdirectory from off the site root]
cscript adsutil.vbs CREATE W3SVC/12345678/root/"MY SUBDIRECTORY" IIsWebDirectory

[this for the file in question]
cscript adsutil.vbs CREATE W3SVC/12345678/root/"MY SUBDIRECTORY"/ILikeToTimeOut.php IIsWebFile

[this to set the timeout]

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Visual Basic Notes

A program is a set of instructions that guide the computer in carrying out a specific task. To write a program you need to have a programming language (software) such as: Visual Basic, Turing, Basic, Java, Fortran, Cobol, C++, etc. These are English-like languages that humans can read, understand and write, however the computer can not understand these languages! In order for the computer to carry out the instructions, the program must be translated to a language the machine understands, called machine language and then executed. The programs we write in Visual Basic are first translated by the VB software. When the statements in the original or source program are translated to machine language, called the object program, the program is said to be compiled and ready for execution

Why Write Programs

All the software we use on the computer are programs written to carry out various applications. Even DOS and Windows is a...

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